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The value of the Media Package is increasing monthly as new resources are added to the library.  The media package is already full of top quality products. Let's take a look at some design elements you can download today.

100+ Photoshop Resources (PSD Files)

Our Photoshop files are streamlined to help you learn faster & instantly have access to the complete layered PSD file. In other words, you can jump right in & create your own artworks without needing to start a photoshop design layout from scratch!

100+ Background Images

Backgrounds are a crucial resource to add realism to your designs. All the Backgrounds & Textures in the media package are high resolution, which makes them perfectly usable in both your designs & logo process.

200+ Photoshop Brushes

Brushes are uniquely modified brush tips, which are often used to create amazing design strokes or stamps that can be applied with the click of a button. They’re great for instantly enhancing your designs with cool styles and looks. Brushes include: Ornaments, Watercolor, Splashes, Brush Strokes, Smoke, Ink, Cracks, Wet Media Brushes and more.  

300+ Photoshop Shapes

Subscribers have the ability to access & download our complete shape library including all the used shapes from the design tutorials. Practice with our shapes sets & get instant results on your designs or easily replicate our shapes for your logo design. Shapes include: Ribbons, Illustrations, Badges, Circles, Retro Vintage Shapes, Mountain Shapes and more.

Manfred Werner

Love Sharing & Teaching Photoshop. 

Founder and creator of Tronix Designs, a YouTube Channel that teaches you how to design with Photoshop in a simple and fun way.  

At Tronix, I'm an instructor for several photoshop tutorials. My mission statement is to provide you with quality content & useful media package. 

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